Best RC UAV Drone with camera

Best RC UAV Drone with camera

Camera Drone RC

Camera Drone RC

Among unmanned aircraft (UAV), drones or quadcopters are preferred by technological enthusiasts of all ages. They have simple design and an operation that allows to be used by experts and amateurs. That is why we have prepared this guide to buy the best quadcopter, with the main objective that you do not choose at random, but that you make a good comparison of quadcopters and selections that best suits your needs. Here we focus on a special type of UAV quadcopters with high-resolution camera. Therefore, they are suitable for drone aerial photography, drone videography, drone photography and professional photography drone activities. The following are the best drone with camera for drone photography.

Drone Aerial Photography and Drone Videography

Although most of the technology is often created for warlike purposes, artists always find ways to enhance them by giving them a more profitable use, at least from a contemplative point of view.

These quadrocopters are capable of recording the most difficult aerial scenes thanks to their integrated high-tech cameras. In these cases, the priorities are stability and image quality. Like other drones, some of the best models can be paired with a smartphone for easier control. Usually, these quadcopters have an autonomy of around 20 minutes, enough to achieve a scene for a film or documentary.

As we have seen, quadcopters are designed for each type of user. If you are starting in the world of unmanned aircraft, we recommend you to buy a model with good value for money, which has at the same time easy handling and good external appearance.

The latter is important and when you review different models you will see that the best ones are excellent both inside and out. It is not that one feature is more important than another, but unless you want you and your new drone to go unnoticed, it will be better to choose one with an original design to distinguish it among other quadcopters.

To acquire a quadcopter and make an investment according to your expectations, it is convenient to review the various options that exist, especially if they are recommended by users, so we show you a selection of these devices, made according to the recommendation of customers .

Syma X5C-1

Main advantage:

The resolution of the camera of this model is 1280 x 720 pixels in HD, so it will be easy to maintain the quality of the video or the images that are taken, without any problem.

Main disadvantage:

Some people have commented that 7 minutes of autonomy is too little to practice and improve as beginner pilots, so it is recommended to buy a pair of spare batteries to continue training.

Evaluation: 9 / 10

It is a good product capable of guaranteeing the quality of the video at the time of recording, since it has anti-interference technology to avoid interruptions, even when it is close to other drones.

Main Features: 

6-axis Gyro stablization system makes the helicopter more stable and flexible when flying. It has the characteristics of wind-resistant and can be flied indoor or outdoor
Modular design structure is applied, more simple for assembly and convenient for maintenance
360 degree Eversion and throwing flight function.
Equip with HD Camera
Left / Right hand throttle mode can be changeable by the transmitter (2 in 1)

Control Mode: Remote Control
Control Distance: about 30m
Battery for RC Quad Copter: 3.7V 500mAh LiPO Battery
Charging Mode: USB charging
Charging Time: About 100 mins
Play Time: About 5-7 mins

1 x Syma X5C RC Quad Copter
1 x 2.4G Remote Controller (does not include 1.5v AA batteries)
1 x USB charging cable
4 x Rotating blade
4 x Portection frames
1 x Card Reader
1 x Screwdriver
1 x 3.7V 500mAh LiPO battery
1 x Instruction Manual


One of the most important characteristics that a product of this type should have is stability. This model offers enough control so that the quadcopter can fly although there is moderate wind, so you can record without making the image too unstable. It has a 6-axis system that guarantees absolute stability, allowing maneuvering in any direction, being thrown by hand and a large number of movements in 360 °. These possibilities will make your riding experience the most pleasant and optimal, since you will be able to move it as you want and wherever you want with a lot of freedom.The instability can be fatal, since the drone can hit any object and suffer irreversible damage. To prolong its useful life, we must not exceed the recommended height, which is up to 80 meters.


Brand name: EACHINE
Product battery: 3.7V 500mAh (Included)
Charging time: 60-70mins
Flying time: 8-10mins
R/C distance: 80-100m
Color:Red and black
Camera: 0.3MP
Quad’s size: 25.5×25.5×3.5cm (the arms not folded)
Package size: 17.2×9.2x6cm

With foldable arm, small size, easy to carry.
With altitude hold mode function provides stable flight.
With wifi function can be connected APP, APK system to take pictures, video, real-time transmission through the phone camera image.
With Headless Mode,no need to adjust the position of aircraft before flying .
With One key to return function makes it easily to find the way home.
2.4GHz Technology Adopted for Anti-Interference.
4 Channel which can do ascend, descend, forward, backward, left sideward fly, right sideward fly and rolling 360°.
6-axis gyro which can have more stable flying and be easy to control.
It have 3-level flight speed to switch that can make more fun with the flying.
It can realize 3D tumbling 360° rolling in four directions with 4 LED lights.
The quadcopter fuselage is made of high strength and resistant engineering plastics,lightweight and durable resistance.

Function: Up/down, Forward/backward, Turn left/right, Sideward flight, LED Light, Headless Mode, One Key Automatic Return,H/L Mode

Steps To Start The Drone: 
1. Turn on the drone then turn on the remote, wait about 3 seconds till the light of the drone stop flashing.
2. Pull the left throttle 45 degrees toward the left bottom and pull the right joystick 45 degrees toward the right bottom at the same time, then the propellers will start spinning.
3. Click the One Key Take Off button, the drone will lift up to the air.

It has folding arms that make it one of the most portable, because it is small and easy to carry anywhere. It has the possibility of maintaining a fixed altitude every time the accelerator is released, which contributes to the flight being stable and there are no unexpected failures or collisions. This can contribute to the drone having a long service life.

It also has the possibility of connection to the phone through Wi-Fi, through an app on the phone so you can see everything in real time and also take photos and videos.

Through an application, has the function of drawing on your phone the path you want the quadcopter to follow and, when you fly, it will do so without any inconvenience, following the path you planned previously. It also has a so-called “headless” mode, so you do not have to adjust your position before starting the flight.


Camera: Comes integrated with Wi-Fi and in high definition, specially designed so you can take photos and videos while flying. Its wide-angle lens allows to capture images of landscapes covering a large space in the frame.

Command: It has a mode that allows the quadcopter to be kept at the same height so that it is easier to use and you do not have to keep an eye on maintaining the altitude on the remote control.

Maneuverable: Once you know how to handle the device, you can dare to spin and spin with it. You can make it fly more than three meters high along with the rotation button and the right joystick to make turns in any direction.

Easy to use: With a single touch on the button, it’s easy to take off and land, you will not have to do much more for the drone to fly. First you have to turn on the drone and then the transmitter and go.


Instructions: It has very few indications; for example, it does not explain how to turn off, which makes it difficult to use.




You can fly it easily and without losing height, because it is possible to stabilize it to avoid the occurrence of inconveniences that may affect the quality of the videos or the photographic shots you are taking.You can establish a flight plan for this team, selecting the function of the flight track that is available in the team’s application and after that you will have to mark the route to follow on the screen; in this way the device will fly through the areas you have chosen.The command of the team has a wide range of scope, therefore, you can properly control the functions performed even if you are flying 100 meters away from where you are. Its 2 Mp camera will allow you to capture landscapes while the team is flying. In addition, you can record videos with a resolution of 720P. It is a versatile quadcopter, so we invite you to review the following features, maybe this is the drone you need to make good aerial photographs.



Wide angle : It incorporates a wide angle of 120 ° that will allow you to capture the places that the team visits during their flight days.

Design : The drone is foldable, therefore, you will have the possibility of transporting it more easily.

Battery: Comes with a USB cable, so you can charge your lithium battery without any problem.



Flight time : This equipment only offers you a flight time of approximately 10 or 15 minutes. If you want to continue using it, you should wait an hour for your battery to complete its charge cycle and have power again.

Instructions: There are buyers who indicate that the instructions are not very clear about how to perform certain functions, how to take photos and videos using the remote.



Quadcopter Drone F100 

Main features:

  • SUPER-LONG FLIGHTS: Fly for longer than other drones – up to 15 min. with no HD drone camera attached
  • DO FLIPS + TRICKS: Great drone for beginners; easy to learn sweet stunts
  • BRUSHLESS MOTORS: Get more power, quieter flight and better stability from this RC drone
  • GOPRO-READY: We offer this drone without camera so you can equip a GoPro Hero 3 or 4
  • EASY-FLY OPERATION: 1) Press and hold the red button, turn on the remote and release the button to get ready; 2) plug in the drone battery and listen for the beeps; 3) press down on the throttle then press the red button and away you go



Force1 U49C Drone with Camera for Beginners

Main features:

  • 720P HD CAMERA DRONE: 120° wide-angle HD drone camera captures high-quality photos and video
  • FLY EASY: 1-Key Lift/Land, Headless Mode, Altitude Hold, Low-Battery Alarm and more make this a great kids drone or drone for adults
  • SUPER-LONG FLIGHT: This drone with camera is ready to fly up to 15 minutes
  • PERFECT DRONE GIFT: One of our most versatile drones for beginners with camera; everyone can fly it at the holiday party
  • BONUS BATTERY + MOTORS: Fly this video drone farther for longer with an extra battery and spare motors


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