Daz 3D Studio Poser Olympia 7

Daz 3D Studio Poser Olympia 7


Daz 3D studio is very active brand creating human-like 3D models and posers. One of their latest development is Olympia 7, a female character which is very real and can wear mythological clothes, making her a real Goddess of the ancient Greek.


Unlock the 3D artist in you using the incredible power of DAZ Studio and other great tools created by DAZ 3D. You’ll discover how to construct, move, and pose figures, how to use lighting to make your art look lifelike, and even how to make the characters you create talk. Offering comprehensive coverage of the DAZ Studio software, FIGURES, CHARACTERS, AND AVATARS, SECOND EDITION: THE OFFICIAL GUIDE TO USING DAZ STUDIO TO CREATE BEAUTIFUL ART will help you become a better artist and show you how to stretch your imagination as you make unique digital art and animation. Included in the book is a gallery of images created by DAZ Studio users.



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