DAZ Studio Guide Create Beautiful Female Avatar

DAZ Studio Guide Create Beautiful Avatar

Daz Studio Model

Daz Studio Model

The Official Guide to Using DAZ Studio to Create Beautiful Art by Les Pardew . It is intended to design and create figures, characters and female avatars

Another examples comes from MidQart Pasteurized. It seems this is a collection of 200 images created by computer 3D artist Kevin R. Weathers

A Primer for DAZ Studio 2nd Edition: Your Easy Way to Learn 3D Rendering and Animation

This 2nd Edition of A Primer for DAZ Studio has been updated and re-written to cover the Nvidia Iray render engine which was included in DAZ Studio after the publishing of the original book. It has also been expanded to include more features which have since been added to the software as well as some which were left out in the original book. It is now more than double the size! Though written with the beginner in mind it can act as a useful reference guide for the more advanced user. The book covers the basics of DAZ Studio and how to get around in the software. You will also learn how to work with both the render engines, 3Delight and Iray, how to create basic objects, how to work with materials and shaders,how to set up scenes, create special FX, basic animation and more. With the included easy to follow lessons you should be able to create 3D render art and animations within a short time.

The author biography is as follows: Anne Marie Rasmussen has been a non-fiction writer on many subjects and been an editor of multiple digital magazines including an award winning art magazine. More recently she became involved in the 3D render art world. Starting with the software DAZ Studio she saw the need for guides for beginners and wrote her first book “A Primer for DAZ Studio” which helps the new user to learn the software quickly. This book has now been updated to include the new Iray render engine along with other new features in a 2nd Edition. Her second book is “Jump into Vue” for the landscape and environment software Vue by E-on Software. Her artwork using both software has won some recognition including E-on Software’s Picture of the Day. She uses the handle EmotionalOutlet3D for her art.

Digital Women II: A Guide to DAZ Studio 4.8 Iradium

The new release of DAZ Studio, version 4.8 Iradium, brings the power of Iray render engine to your hands at low cost. In this new book, all secrets of Iray are unveiled, demystifying this powerful but complex render engine. Unlock all the power of Iray in 12 easy to follow lessons that will allow you to create photorealistic pictures on your computer. Beyond the incredible images of the lessons, you also get more than 20 bonus images in full color created with DAZ Studio Iradium.

Digital Closet – Vol. I: Victoria 4 – Second Skins & Tight Suits

In Digital Closet series, Richard shows us a collection of lovely suits and tips to fit them for the most popular 3D models in the market. In this first volume, chosen Second Skins and tight outfits for Victoria 4 are reviewed with lots of tips to adjust them to our lovely Victoria to make her look even more beautiful.


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