Drone detection systems

Drone detection systems

From WWII Radars to Drone detection system

All of us had seen and heard about radars since World War II to detect aircraft and contribute to aid the Air Defenses. However, with the emergence of Drones and Quadcopters, it seems that this military technology is being applied not only in the context of powerful bombers or fighters but also as authentic drone detectors.

New companies are offering a myriad of technologies and systems to detect drones when they approach to pre-defined locations. Yes, they are really acting as AWACS of drones: Drone detectors.

In short, the DD (Drone Detector) is an electronic device used to identify the presence of quadcopters. Although they are multiple companies trying to succeed in this new market niche, it seems that the most advances and innovative systems are manufactured by Drone Labs. This company is an American-based company, in particular this company is located in Austin, Texas. It is a new company started in 2014, and although they initially focused in agriculture applications for drones, they quickly explored other areas when some news about paparazzi-type of drone intrusion was in the media. Then, it was clear that early warning and detection of drones could help to personal privacy and rest of people.

What does the Drone Detection System Do ?


There are really many parameters and variables that a Drone Detection System can measure and evaluate. Depending the types of Drones (because some advanced models can also carry their own counter-measures!), the Drone Detection system can identify the altitude of a quadcopter or drone, the GPS coordinates of the drone,  the GPS coordinates of its operator, and the unique identifier of the drone model being used.

Which kind of technologies do they use?

More than one specific technique or method, in what they succeeded was in the combination of several strategies such as sensing methods (e.g. radio waves) to detect drones up to half a kilometer away. Using this method, they  can detect drones in the air, on the ground, and in the water. On the other hand, the method also uses audio technology to detect autonomous drones that don’t emit radio waves.

Then, we have detected a drone invading our privacy, what can the system do for us? When the alien drone or flying machine is detected and identified, the system can automatically inform its owner through a variety of methods including email, text message, and iphone app notification.

It really seems a promising niche for business since the number of flying drones and quadcopters can only increase, and even more, if Amazon finally use them for they own delivery business.

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