Echo Look Hands-Free Smart Camera Alexa

Echo Look: Hands-Free Smart Camera Alexa for Clothes Style Check


Echo Look: Smart camera for your daily clothing style.

Echo Look: Smart camera for your daily clothing style.

Recently, it came to me the information for a new intelligent and hands-free system called Echo Look that allows for new options in your clothing code. Yes, it seems that the so called Echo Look is a hands-free smart camera operated by Alexa system that can respond to your voice commands and allows you to take photos and video of your daily style of wearing clothes.


The applicability of the system and its benefits is certainly unclear, but it offers a new options for those that enjoy taking pics of their daily outfits at home.

  • Take head-to-toe photos and six-second videos of your outfit with the voice-activated camera
  • Compare outfits to find out which looks better and why with Style Check
  • Freshen up your look with items recommended to go with clothes you already own
  • Echo Look automatically organizes your wardrobe by weather, occasion, season, and more
  • View your outfits from every angle, select your favorites, and share with friends

Currently, it has quite customers according to amazon, and the average evaluation if almost 4 stars.

Echo-Look focuses on clothing style. You can use Alexa to take full-length photos of your daily look using just your voice. Edit your images in the Echo Look app for clean, shareable photos. Find similar pieces with More Like This Look.

You can also take head-to-toe photos or 6-second videos and see a live, 360-degree view of your outfit in the Echo Look app. Use the app to create a personal look book, browse and compare your outfits, see personalized pairing ideas, and more.


Smart algorithms curate your closet for you, organizing your looks by season, weather, occasion and more. Create custom Collections to plan ahead for a trip or date night. The more you use Echo Look, the smarter your Collections become.

With the free Echo Look app for Android and iOS smartphones, your wardrobe is always in your pocket and expert fashion advice is always available.

You can ask Alexa to read the news, set reminders, get traffic and weather updates, control smart home devices, and more—just ask. Multiple users can share one Echo Look device by setting up unique profiles in the Alexa app.


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