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Introduction and History of Quadcopters

This is the homepage of Quadcopters. Here we will introduce and review the new models periodically offered in the market. Enjoy with us flying Quadcopters!

A quadcopter or quadrotor is a helicopter with four rotors for support and propulsion. The four rotors are usually placed at the ends of a cross. To prevent the appliance to lie about its axis of orientation is necessary that two propellers rotate in one direction and the other two in the other direction.

To direct the device, each of the pairs of propellers should rotate in the same direction. The vehicle movement control is achieved by varying the relative speed of each rotor which changes the thrust produced by the engine pair.

De Bothezat Quadrotor (1923)

De Bothezat Quadrotor (1923)

There were historically some attempts to create large flying machines with these ideas. For example, the quadrotor of Bothezat (1923) and the flying machine of Oehmichen (1923). These vehicles were among the first heavy machines than could vertically takeoff successfully even though the first devices had a poor performance. In 1922, the Bothezat George was the first to fly a quadrotor device. however, it could only lift around 5 meters above the ground, therefore the United States army finally terminated the contract he had with him. In Europe, the French Etienne built the quadrotor Oehmichen in 1922,  and got a five-minute hover in June 1923 and 1924 up to 10 meters above the ground by a flight of seven minutes.

Oemichen flying machine (1923).

Oemichen flying machine (1923).

Nowadays, the quadrotors have been proposed for remote-controlled unmanned (UAV) vehicles mostly oriented to hobby models and RC competitions. However, there are also plans to releases in 2016 it is a 1:1 scale Lily Cam 5 which will be the the first Quadricopter for recreational use. The Lily will have 2 cameras, one front and one lower and makes motion shots 1080p resolution, it features digital image stabilization, gPS, barometer, gyroscopes and magnetrometro.

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