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Ready-to-Fly Modern Era Jets: Ducted Fan Scale Jet Airplanes

In this section, we focus on reviewing the recently developed models classified as Ready-to-Fly Aircrafts that are considered as modern era Jets such as the F-14 Tomcat, for example. They are considered as ultimate electric ducted fan scale Jet Airplanes. We hope you enjoy these RC models too!

Among the Ready-to-Fly models, the jets are the most expensive because they use a micro turbine or ducted fan which serves as main energy power. In addition, the airframes are made of fiber glass and/or carbon fiber. In the case of some models made which are electric powered, they can be also made of styrofoam. However, the inner part of the aircraft usually includes wooden spars to make the entire body more rigid.

Some other models that require Jet A fuel are configured with kevlar fuel tanks. The micro turbines need propane, which is quickly consumed before the jet fuel is poured into. This can be the fastest planes and they can reach speeds up to 310 km/h. However, become a good pilot for these planes is not an easy task. Amateur pilots should start with different models, because these planes need a lot of reflexes, and flight experience. In addition, the the equipment, tools and components are more expensive. This can be a problem in case of a plane accident too!

In the United States, the flights of these powerful planes are strictly controlled and registered by the AMA: Academy of Model Aeronautics. Therefore, only certified turbine pilots can fly. In addition, another certification is required by the AMA for those that fly with mini gar turbine powered RC airfrafts.  Because they are really powerful models at scale, it is not strange that some military airbases allow these planes to use the airspace to fly. This is the case of Hawaii bases and Whidbey Island NAS.

The average price of a turbine aircraft can be around $10,000 with a more expensive models of up to $20,000. The manufacturers are variate and some come from The Netherlands (AMT) and Mexico (Artes Jets). The microturbine is a bit less expensive, and varies from $2500 to $5000.

Smaller turbines put out about 12 lbf (53 N) of thrust, while larger microturbines can put out as much as 45 lbf (200 N) of thrust. RC jets also require electrical power. Most have a lithium polymer (LiPo) battery pack at 8–12 volts that controls the FADEC.

In general, pilots that are less experienced tend to choose less complicated models which use an electric motor-driven ducted fan (EDF ) instead to power the aircraft. These EDF engines are smaller and only need the rechargeable battery technology as propeller-driven RC electric powered aircraft use.

Airlines planes are larger than fighters but they are also produced as Radio-controlled jets. The paintings are also very realistic and imitate the real airlines colors and symbols such as American, Singapore, Pan Am, Etihad and Delta Airlines