F-14 V2 Electric RC Jet RTF

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F-14 V2 Electric RC Jet RTF

The New F-14 Tomcat is the ultimate electric 64mm ducted fan scale Jet Airplane. With a top out at around 95MPH and will also fly slower speeds as well. Pre-painted from the factory in 100% true to scale appearance and proportions. The F-14 Jet V2 comes with everything needed to fly on one box.


  • 6 channel 2.4GHZ DSM radio system
  • Brushless Motor
  • 64mm electric ducted fan
  • 11.1V 2200mAh Li-Po Battery
  • Folding Wings

Comes with a 6 channel 2.4GHZ DSM radio system for a 3000 foot range. DSM radio systems have an unlimited channel selectivity range and is able change between channels on in case of frequency duplication. The F-14 Jet will fly super smooth, fast and surprisingly it will roll, loop and fly inverted with no fuss at all. Most under powered RC Electric jets have problems in those areas. The F-14 creates an amazing sound as whistles and by at hyper sonic speeds. Features an electric (servo) controlled fold-able wings for added scale realsim!! Advanced Brushless Motor Technology A powerful 64mm electric ducted fan unit powered by a very powerful brushless motor will give the F-14 vertical climb that far surpasses other similar jets out there. Brushless motors have no internal brushes (friction and heat + energy loss and wear) and that also means its performance will never degrade over the lifetime of your motor. They maintain the same power and torque no matter how many times you use it, since there are NO brushes to wear out !!! Brushless motors are also much more efficient than a standard brushed motor due its design, and longer run times are always seen with this technology. They also tend to run 30% cooler than a regular motor. EPO FOAM = 10x stronger than regular styrofoam. Half the weight of EPP. The ” Name of Plane ” is made from very durable EPO Foam. In fact its about ten times stronger than regular styrofoam. Electronic Speed Control with BEC – Auto Cut Off Technology The “Name of Plane ” brushless speed control features smart Lipoly battery technology to ensure maximum efficiency and motor cut-off timing.