RC Plane 4CH French AirBUS plane A380 Airliner

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RC Plane 4CH French AirBUS plane A380 Airliner 2.4G RC High Simulation A380 Model electronic Toys

RC Airbus model

RC Airbus model

  • As the world’s first airbus A380 aircraft in October 2007 in commercial operation by the Singapore airlines, human remote air travel has entered a new era. A380 is put into operation so far of the most advanced, the most spacious and environmental protection. As the largest civil wide-body aircraft, is the airbus A380 with major airlines, airports and airworthiness authorities closely cooperation achievements. A380 has more than 380 patents, in the pneumatic performance, flight control, aircraft systems and extensive use of lightweight composite materials has made significant technical innovation and breakthrough, thus A380 is known as the “flagship” products of the 21st century
  • Product name: AIRBUS A380
  • No: TS830
  • Length: 1410mm
  • Wingspan: 1520mm
  • take off weight: 1800g
  • Motor: 2826/KV3200
  • Electronic Speed Control: 11.1V/30A FO 14.8
  • Receiver: FM(PPM) 4CH
  • Server: 9g 0.11sec/60 Torque/0.80Kg
  • Li Battery: LI-PO/3300mah/11.1V (not incluede)
  • Airscrew: EDF55
  • 2.4G 4CH Scales RC Equipment
  • Control distants: 500M
  • NW: 15kg*2pcs/ctn
  • GW: 17.7kg*2pcs/ctn
  • size: 142.3*38.5*32.7cm
  • Package Size: 144*39.5*68cm

    1.it was controlled outdoor,the normal control distance is about 80-1000m.
    2.charger time short,action time long(save energy).
    3.it is portable toys,the remote device can be charge with the plane.
    4.it was made by EPP material,it is resistanced.Package:

  • 1 x plane
  • 1 x remote control
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
  • Ventilation duct:50mm*4
  • brushless motor:2827L/KV3200*4
  • Brushless electronic transmission:11.1V/30A*4
  • Servo:5