RTF WWII aircrafts

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Ready to Fly (RTF) World War II airplanes

By the name of Ready to fly (RTF) airplanes, we identify a series of models that are manufactured already in their pre-assembled configuration. Therefore, once you purchase them, you only need to wing attachment or other very simply attachment of pieces. In addition,they are already painted and have added the national signs or symbols in case of military models. In terms of the flying component, they also come with all the necessary equipment, such as the receiver, transmitter, receiver and battery. Hence, if you purchase a RTF aircraft, you can have it flying in the sky in less than 10 minutes unless you want to mod it and add a series of configurations options most of manufactures provide you for more entertainment.

The RTF models have evolved a lot in the recent years, possibly stimulated by the arrival of multiple types of quadcopters and drones. Some of the new models include World War II fighters in particular the Corsair, which was indeed one of my favorites planes in the Pacific War. Currently, there are several types of the Corsair which can be purchased as RTF models. In additions, there are an authentic myriad of accessories related to the Corsair to make your model not only unique and modded but also improve the power of the engine, and difficulty of acrobatic maneuvers.


World War II models: