Top 10 Best Tips to Buy a RC Radio Control Airplane

Top 10 Best Tips to Buy a RC Radio Control Airplane

When buying a Radio Control model, it is important to bear in mind some simple concepts. A good selection does not depend on the model itself but also on how much experience the pilot has in this hobby.

1. Ready To Fly

Here in general, for people who has not experience in flying and modeling RC planes, it is recommended to acquire a Ready-to-Fly model because it helps to skip a lot of work related to mounting the pieces and adjusting the entire flying machine.

2. Airplane Size

The second concept would be related to the global size of the plane. As in real life planes, the size of the machine contributes to its stability. the larger planes can be flown easily and it helps in the process of learning too. More than 40 or 50 inches could be perfect to make your first flights. However, they may be a bit more expensive than the most recent small size planes available in the market. Moreover, the small the plane model is, the more difficult would be to see it flying in the sky when you do not have experience in complex flying operations.

3. Wings position

Closely related to the size of the plane is also the position of wing. He have low wings such as the Corsair or Zero Fighters. They are wings located on the bottom of the fuselage. They are set there because offer the best flying skills for expert pilots, such as real WW2 pilots. By setting the wings on the top of the fuselage, the plane loses speed but wins stability. Therefore, they may be good for training a pilot but not for a fighter plane. But if you are going to fly your first model, obviously you are under training! Therefore, these kind of planes with high wings may be good for you.

4. Source of Power

Without doubts, the foam construction and the EP (Electric Power) have contributed to develop enormously the hobby of Radio Control Aircraft. Many companies have emerged and some are doing really a good job. Other companies, however, have not been working so professionally and the final models may have some deficiencies. It is important to verify the manufacturer trajectory before choosing your model. This can be easily done by inspecting their web pages, or visiting amazon user reviews.

5. Fuselage Resistance

You want to buy an aircraft and enjoy it for long time!. You have to remember that this hobby is a “dangerous” hobby because the planes are really flying and reaching fast speeds. When you are flying them, something may occur and the plane can finally crash or hit against some tree. It is, therefore, important that the plane construction is enough resistant to the impacts. For this, the foam construction is quite recommended.

6. Replacements: This sounds like a real war!

But even that the foam can have enough durability, some pieces can suffer from heavy usage or may have some technical problem due to heavy landing or crashes. In this case, you want to be sure that your model is enough popular or has been produced in enough numbers to have replacements for key parts or most of critical pieces. by inspecting the manufactures website as well as amazon or other large shops you can have an idea about how many pieces and replacements can be obtained in case of needed as well as the price of each of them!

7. Signals and Channels

You are going to be a pilot of a Radio Control RC airplane. This airplane would be control by you using some signals as an operator. The signals that control the engine or flaps require some specific channels. Each controllable function is called a signal channel. A professional or experienced pilot may require 4 channels simply because it allows more functionality and complex flights. However, it is also more complicated to manage the plane with 4 channels. The most recommended option is 3 channels for leaning the ropes. Less than that, you can also find models but they can be too basic to be called realistic RC aircrafts.

8. Find an “Airport”

You are going to buy a plane and you are going to fly it! Therefore, it is not expected that you can do so at your home. You should first have a clear image or information of the place (airport or safe area) in which your plane can take off and landing without disturbing others and without risk of critical damage in case of crash. In addition, the place you choose should be ideally not be too far from your home, otherwise your hobby should wait for long time between each flight session.

9. Flight Instructors

When you are learning to fly it is very helpful to go with some friend or person who has experience flying the same of similar models. The real life pilots do not learn to fly alone! They have instructors too. When thinking about buying a plane, you can visit clubs and shops and meet people with similar interests. It can be a source of new friends. If your friend takes video of your flights, it can be very helpful, since you can examine at home your mistakes and learn quicker.

10. Investigate

In general, the most important thing before buying a plane or any other item is to investigate the field and learn about the related topics. As indicated above, a shop or club can be a good source of information as well as manufacturer website, and fan pages of RC models. Hope you can enjoy your final model and become an fabulous pilot! .

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  1. Samantha Rogers

    It makes sense that the wing position can affect the stability of the plane. I am not very great at flying planes, so I definitely feel like I would need to place my wings higher. Having a chance to train on higher placed wings seems like a bonus.


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