Top 3 Best Octocopter Flight Controller

Top 3 Best Octocopter Flight Controller


Octocopter Flight Controller

Octocopter Flight Controller

The flight controller is an essential component of your dron, hexacopter or octocopter. Here we show some flight controllers that are suitable for octocopters but also for quadcopter and hexacopter is some cases. As you may know the flight dynamics in a drone, quadcopter or octocopter is different than a classical aircraft or helicopter. In a quadcopter, each rotor generates both a thrust and torque about its center of rotation. In addition, it also generates a drag force opposite to the vehicle’s direction of flight. If all rotors are spinning at the same angular velocity, with rotors one and three rotating clockwise and rotors two and four counterclockwise, the net aerodynamic torque, and hence the angular acceleration about the yaw axis, is exactly zero. Therefore, as a consequence, there is no need for a tail rotor as on conventional helicopters. All these complex dynamics are therefore controlled and driven by a flight controller.

Flight Controller for Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octocopter

Combining ultimate reliability with accurate flight control, the brand-new A3 series of flight controllers is ideal for demanding industrial and cinematic applications where reliability and customization are essential. Built-in PMU Intelligent Flight Modes Low voltage protection DJI Smart Battery Protection Motor overload detection External SBUS receiver Lightbridge 2 receiver 8 function channels (including 4 configurable direction channels) SDK Precision Fault-Tolerant Control The new attitude determination and multi-sensor fusion algorithms improve the A3’s control accuracy. The robust control algorithm enables the A3 to be adapted to a wide range of aircraft without the need for manual tuning. With a fault-tolerant control system, a hexacopter or octocopter can land safely even in the event of propulsion system failure. DATALINK PRO DATALINK PRO operates at a frequency below 1 GHz and works over a range of up to 2 km. It integrates seamlessly with the A3 and D-RTK as well as the Ground Station, which allows up to 5 aircraft to be controlled from one base station. A broadcast mode lets the base station broadcast data to 32 mobile devices and a duplex mode keeps data locked to one device. Ground Station Supporting both touch screen and mouse and keyboard, the redesigned Ground Station can support mission design, for use in a range of industry app.

  • DJI Flight Controller – GPS-Compass Pro – LED Module – PMU – GPS Mounting Bracket – LED Mounting Bracket – CAN-Gimbal Cable – Micro USB Cable – 5x Servo Cable – DBUS Cable – Screw Pack (M2.0x4, M25x7, M2.5×3.4(Nut)) – Ball End Hex Key – 3x Cable Tie – 4x Double-Sided Adhesive – Manual – DJI 1 Year Warranty (6 Month on GPS and IMU)
  • Supported Multi-rotor: Quadcopter: I4, X4 Version Hexacopter: I6, X6, Y6, IY6 Version Octocopter: X8, I8, V8 Version
  • Maximum Wing Resistance: Less Than10m/s
  • Max Yaw Angular Velocity: 150 deg/s
  • Max Tilt Angle: 35 deg.

Flight Controller Cleanflight 6DOF Cleanflight for FPV QAV250 ZMR250 QAV280 QAV180 QAV210 Multicopter Quadcopter Supported 


  • Specifically designed for racing, it gives pilots all the features, connectivity and expansion capabilities they need.
  • Supports a variety of aircraft, tricopters, quadcopters, hexacopters, octocopters, planes and more.Supports OneShot ESC and more than 8 RC channels.
  • Gives you all the features you need for the heart of your aircraft, whether you’re into FPV racing, acrobatic flying or aerial photography it’s perfect.
  • PLS NOTE: If your flight controller can not contact with the computer, pls check if your computer install the driver: CP2102

No-Compromise I/O
Use all the features all the time; e.g. Connect your OSD + SmartPort + SBus + GPS + LED Strip + Battery Monitoring + Sonar + 8 motors – all at the same time!

The F3 runs Cleanflight which can be configured to suit your needs using a cross-platform GUI (Windows/OSX/Linux).

Tiny and lightweight
The F3 has a standard 35x35mm form-factor with 30mm mounting holes and weighs just 6 grams.

Flight Logging
On-board high-capacity black box flight log recorder – optimize your tuning and see the results of your setup without guesswork.

Next-Generation CPU
The F3 has an ARM Cortex-M4 72Mhz CPU with Math co-processor (FPU) for efficient flight calculations that gets more done in less time.
Loop times up to ~2x as fast as previous-generation STM32F1 based boards.

Developer Friendly
Developer friendly debugging port (SWD) and boot mode selection, unbrickable bootloader.

OneShot ESC
Full support for OneShot ESCs for easy PID tuning and a sharper response.

Broad RC receiver Support
Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum1024/2048, XBus, PPM, PWM receivers. No external inverters required (built-in).

Programmable LED
Dedicated output for programmable LEDs – great for orientation, racing and night flying.

Battery Monitoring
Battery monitoring ports for voltage and current.

Sonar support for precision low-altitude hold.

I2C Port
I2C port always powered, perfect for external sensors or always-on OLED Screen.

Openpilot MINI CC3D NANO Atom Flight Controller for QAV250 Multicopter 250 Frame Kit

  • About half the size of the regular OpenPilot CC3D, but with the same functionality.
  • The CC3D provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexas, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes.
  • Powerful STM32 32-bit micro-controller running at 90MIPs with 128KB Flash and 20KB RAM.
  • 3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros and 3-axis high-performance MEMs accelerometer.
  • 4 layer PCB for superior electrical noise reduction and flight performance.Software support for Windows, Mac and Linux. Direct high speed USB support with no drivers required. Spektrum satellite receiver support. Futaba S-BUS hardware support. Innovative Flexi-port technology for superior port flexibility. 4Mbits on-board EEPROM for configuration storage. This OpenPilot CC3D Atom board also includes a high quality, protective case. Side pin mini CC3D flight controller


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