Top 5 Best Inductrix FPV Quadcopters

Top 5 Best Inductrix FPV Quadcopters


Blade BLH8580 Inductrix FPV BNF Micro Indoor Quadcopter Drone

Blade BLH8580 Inductrix FPV BNF Micro Indoor Quadcopter Drone

Inductrix FPV BNF Quadcopter

When Jesse Perkins first flew the Inductrix quadcopter, he knew that there was more to the experience yet to be unlocked. He mounted a small FPV camera and video transmitter, upgraded the motors, found a better battery and called it the Tiny WhoopTM. Soon, thousands of Inductrix owners were flying in places they never thought possible! The new Inductrix FPV provides the freedom of flight in a fully ready-to-fly package as well as an FPV Ready Bind-n-Fly version. No soldering or 3D printing required! Enjoy a world you never knew existed when you are in the pilot’s seat of the Inductrix FPV!

The Inductrix FPV from Blade builds on the wildly popular platform and transforms it into an incredible FPV machine right out of the box. With its integrated 25mW video transmitter, FPV camera, high performance motors and large 200mAh battery, the Inductrix FPV is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease. Enjoy the view as SAFEÂ technology makes flying simple and while the ducted propeller design allows you to bounce of walls and objects without crashing! Tthe Inductrix FPV comes out of the box with everything installed on the aircraft itself. All you need to get is a FPV monitor to completes the entire FPV experience! If you are looking for that immersive goggle experience, the headset adaptor can be purchased separately as well!

Engineered With SAFETM Technology

SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology is a revolutionary electronic flight envelope protection system. This technology allows anyone to pick up the transmitter, put on the goggles and be successful flying FPV for the very first time. Its newly improved Stability mode allows for fast forward flight with the added weight of the FPV system. It prevents over controlling the aircraft and gives a confident feeling when maneuvering through tight spaces. The Agility mode has also been tuned for the high output motors and weight of the FPV system on board

Blade Inductrix RTF Ultra Micro Drone with Safe Technology

Key Features

  • Lightweight, fully assembled quadcopter
  • SAFE; technology makes drone flying easy
  • Quiet EDF power system
  • Durable rotor housings prevent damage
  • Brilliant LED orientation lights
  • Includes both red and blue bodies
  • 150mAh 1S 3.7V 25C Li-Po flight battery
  • USB Li-Po charger
  • 6-8 minute flying time
  • Blade; MLP transmitter with genuine Spektrum™ DSMX; 2.4GHz technology (included)

Needed To Complete

  • Nothing! Everything you need is included in the box.


A Fantastic Little Drone

The time has come for Electric Ducted Fans (EDF) to replace the old propeller thrust systems. By design, the cylindrical rotor housings add significant durability and produce less noise when carefully tuned. The Blade; Inductrix™ ultra micro drone is part jet and part quadcopter, with the kind of innovative flight technology that gives a machine you can fly just about anywhere, the performance edge that makes your flight experience more fun.

The Blade; Inductrix™ drone is an ultra micro machine that can be flown just about anywhere. Four specially tuned EDF rotor systems give this modern quad the appeal of a jet. As a result, performance feels incredibly smooth with far less noise than a conventional propeller rotor system. Durable rotor housings inherently prevent damage whether it?s bumped into walls or falls into the grass. Brilliant LED orientation lights and a sleek body design help keep you going in the right direction. Innovative SAFE; technology with self-leveling makes staying in control easy, even if it’s your first flight.

Rakon CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit – Blade Inductrix RED IDTX980-R

1. Description:
– Material: Aluminum alloy, 3K Pure Carbon Fiber and Delrin.
– Hardware: Steel.
– The landing is designed by Rubber material to reduce bounce when grounding.
– Compatible and replacement the stock kit.
– Optimized for weight and durability.

2. Usage:
– Use for Blade Inductrix.
– Use with 6mm Motors.

3. Weight:
– Stock Plastic Kit: 3.60(g) = 0.13(oz).
– CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit: 4.57(g) = 0.17(oz).

4. Package Included:
1 x CNC AL and CF Upgrade Kit.

Blade FPV Inductrix 200 BNF


Key Features

  • A lightweight, fully assembled airframe
  • Exclusive SAFE technology for control that makes flight simple
  • Fully integrated FPV flight camera
  • Compatible with FatShark headsets and video monitors on 5.8GHz
  • Durable rotor housings prevent damage
  • Powerful brushless outrunner motors
  • Brilliant LED status lighting
  • Quick-change 800mAh 3S Li-Po flight battery
  • Li-Po flight battery balance charger, included

Needed To Complete

  • Full-range 5+ channel, multi-function transmitter with Spektrum 2.4GHz DSM2/DSMX technology
  • Fat Shark compatible 5.8GHz FPV headset and/or FPV monitor (for FPV capability only)


There’s nothing like the exhilarating feeling of your first FPV flight. Using decades of combined experience, the Blade team of experts has engineered innovative designs that harness new technology so that you can experience success beyond the first flight. Today, exclusive SAFE® technology and the all new Inductrix™ 200 FPV quadcopter is poised help you enjoy great drone performance, and have the immersive experience of first-person view flight all at the same time.

The Blade® Inductrix™ 200 FPV quadcopter is the ideal drone for pilots who want FPV capability in a compact aircraft that’s easy to fly. Inspired by the durable micro-size Inductrix design, this larger ducted fan planform features powerful brushless motors and multi-blade rotors that provide a smooth cushion of air. Expertly tuned SAFE® technology helps you fly with confidence regardless of pilot skill level or flight condition. And if you’re a hot shot pilot, just flip the flight mode switch to Expert and go for it. The FPV camera integrated into the lightweight airframe operates with a wide range of view screens and headsets

Kolibri U818A Wi-Fi Discovery Delta-Recon Quadcopter Drone Tactical Edition with 720p HD Camera (Military Matte Drab Green)


Key features:

  • FPV Stream directly to your iPhone or Android Smart Device (All new FPV WiFi feature)
  • Equipped with StopTech-TM Motors for burnout protection.
  • On-board 720p HD / 30 fps camera with recording.
  • Up to 8 minutes flying time. Includes 1 extra Li-Po Batterght time.

Autopilot orientation or “HEADLESS MODE”

This feature is an intelligent-orientation mode that allows you to fly the quadcopter as if it were properly oriented, regardless of which direction the “nose” or front of the quad is pointed. Whether you are just beginning or pilot a seasoned pilot this feature is deigned to protect you and your quad.

The functioning of headless mode is pretty simple; the only pre-requisite is that before taking off, you’re required to position the drone in such a way that its front is your front. To activate this mode simple click the button on the transmitter while the quad is grounded.

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