Top 5 Best Intelligent Lawn Mower

Top 5 Best Intelligent Robotic Lawn Mower

The artificial intelligence and robotic technology revolutions are not only related to drones and quadcopters. Recently, lawn mowers are getting more capable and intelligent reducing your efforts to keep a beautiful garden!  They really work  day or night, rain or shine. 🙂

ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower

ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower


Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

  • Fully programmed out of the box for easy set-up and use
  • AIA technology allows Landroid to make intricate cuts and navigate narrow passages
  • Landroid evenly mows inclines and declines up to 20-degrees
  • Landroid uses shock sensor system to mow around obstacles
  • Automatically returns to base in case of rain or for recharging battery

WORX Landroid- Unmanned Mowing Vehicle

Welcome to the future of lawn mowing. Introducing the Landroid from WORX. The pre-programmable robotic mower that lets you customize daily mowing schedules, cutting heights and yard sizes. Among its many features, Landroid navigates narrow passages, cuts with precision, even on slopes up to 20 degrees, and does it all while delivering zero emissions. If your lawn is up to 1/4 acre and you want it to look great every day, Landroid mowing technology is designed precisely for you.

ROB 1000 Programmable Robotic Mower


  • Fully Programmable and Easy to Install
  • Cuts up to .25 acres of grass
  • Cuts even on slopes with inclines up to 25%
  • Virtually silent – run it at night and it won’t disturb the neighbors
  • ROB comes with everything you need to install
  • Operates on rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for zero emissions
  • Audible alarm to prevent theft
  • 3 durable metal cutting blades, pivot
  • Let ROB do the job!

Let ROB do the job – So you don’t have to!

New from McCulloch – one of Europe’s leading outdoor power equipment brands – the ROB robotic lawn mower is fully programmable and works day or night, rain or shine.

The McCulloch ROB runs automatically, based on your desired settings. By cutting the grass continuously, grass clippings are very small – so fine that they immediately disappear and quickly break down adding nutrients back into the soil, helping create a thicker, healthier, greener lawn. That means you can spend your time enjoying your lawn, not cutting it.

Intelligent Lawn Mower Auto Grass Cutter


  • Full-automatic grass mowing with two models: go straight and circle (Highly efficient)
  • It will be Auto Charging when out of power and continue work after fully charged
  • .It has rain sensor. When the mower is damped by rain, it will go to the charging station automatically
  • The blades will stop working if the mower has been lifted by someone
  • Humanistic adjustment for glass mowing height.(3cm and 4cm)

Auto Robot Lawn Mower

  • Newest 4th Generation Intelligent Robot Lawn Mower With NEWEST APP Controlled Wireless WIFI +Water-Proof Charger An intelligent system, memory system, automated navigation system, maintain cleanliness system
  • auto mowing, auto cleaning the lawn, auto recharging, ultrasonic wave avoidance
  • auto climbing the slope, rain sensor, Anti-theft function
  • if the mower lifted from floor over 20mm in level way, it will stop working within 2 sencods
  • Set up one week (Monday to Sunday, one day for once) cutting schedule from control panel


1. Lift sensor if the mower lifted from floor over 20mm in level way, it will stop working within 2 sencods

2. Mowing schedule Set up one week (Monday to Sunday, one day for once) cutting schedule from control panel

3. Anti-theft function User must enter the correct password then the mower can be started.

4. Tilted switch If the mower is titled over 30 degree, the mower will stop working 2 seconds.

5. If virtual wire or charging station has a problem, the mower will stop within 3 seconds and alarm will sound.

6. The motors (both cutting motor and running motors) All motors incorporate planetary motor technology. It has the operation time of 1500 hours. We only use the best technology available in the construction.

7. Battery selection Lead-acid battery or Li-ion battery for choice

8. Rain sensor The mower has in build rain sensor function Rain sensor turn on: the mower will go back to home if it is raining. Rain sensor turn off: the mower will go on mowing when it is raining

9. Human sensor That means when your hands touch the handle, the mower will sease function within 2 seconds

10. Ultrasonic sensor Compare to traditional bumpers, the ultrasonic obstacles is much more safety. The mower will change direction before bump people or obstacles automatically. That means no touch! Don’t worry, the mower will never hit your children and pets.

11. Cutting width:30cm

12. Humanistic cutting height selection 3cm-6cm humanistic design, and has more choice of cutting height

Easier for user to choose the cutting height Just screw it! Robot mower technical information


1.Charging station



4.Stakes (4pcs)

5.Virtual wire (100m)

6.Fuse (2pc)

7. English manual

8.wire connector

9.inner hexagon spanner


RC306 Robotic Lawn mower


  • Installation kit included.
  • Base Station- Robomow is charged at the Base Station and stays there between operations. Robomow independently departs from the Base Station, cuts the lawn and returns for charging until the next operation. Remote Control- Robomow’s Remote Control is used for cutting small patches of grass that cannot be reached in automatic operation.
  • Slopes- Robomow can mow areas inside the working area with slopes. of up to 36%; Rain Sensor- Allows the user to choose whether or not Robomow will operate when sensing rain or High humidity.
  • Multiple zones- Robomow can handle lawns with several zones and mow each one individually
  • Child Lock- This is a safety feature to help prevent children or others not familiar with the safe operation of Robomow from operating it.

The all new Robomow RC306 is a feature packed robotic lawn mower designed for lawn areas up to 8000 sq ft or lots up to 1/8 acre. The Robomow RC306 is able to cope with St. Augustine grass, with double wide wheels, specialized mowing blade with cutting height up to 3.25 inches. Pine cones, small tigs, thick lawns, St. Augustine grass* and high grass are no match for the 11 inch cut blade motors on the Robomow RC306. A strong, 11 inch stainless steel, three-star cutting blade is attached to the motor. The Robomow RC306 is the “Friendliest” robotic lawn mower in the US market. It comes with everything you need to install on your yard without having to buy additional accessories. Robomow RC306 comes with 650 feet of perimeter wire and 250 pegs. That’s enough to materials to cover almost an 1/8 acre lot. It also ships complete with water-tight wire connectors for splicing, base station for automatic charging, Roboruler for wire placement, plus more!

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