Top 5 Most common problems with Washing Machine and Dryer

Top 5 Most common problems with Washing Machine and Dryer

You have bought a new washing machine or Dryer and you are very satisfied. They are very reliable machines but the time as well as overload can damage them. Some other problems can just appear randomly.  Here we indicate some of the most common problems you can experience with your washing machine and dryer.

One of  the most common problems is that the washer or dryer just does not turn on. Yes, it happens sometimes. You may need to verify that the machine is properly connected to the power net. You may have moved some furniture that could have hit the plug. Other reason can be due a circuit breaker too. When it is summer and the temperature increases it can dramatically affect your machine too. If the machine was been working for many hours it can suffer overheat. If the weather is also hot, it can also conspire to prevent cool down your machine. The thermostat can automatically fire and your machine simply stops to prevent a major failure or even fire.

The second case is that your machine is turned on normally, however, the machine does not spin or tumble at ll. In this case the most common reason is that some piece, in particular the belt if broken. You can sometimes hear that the engine is working, however, there is not movement of the drum. The machine simply does not spin. In this case, you likely need to replace the belt.

In other cases, the machine is working but some misuses may lead to break it down. For example, suppose that your dryer is not producing heat even though it is working. It is highly possible that the device is not getting a proper airflow. Please check that. Simply physics ensure that any dryer cannot produce heat if it does not receive a minimum amount of incoming air. Sometimes there is a technical problem, such as a malfunctioning item or piece such as thermal fuse. In this case, you should take the device to the shop and wait for a professional repair.

Another recurrent problem is not related with the engine or spinning drum itself. The problem is simply that the washer is leaking. There are many causes for this problem. The most common perhaps is an inadequate seal that cause the washer to leak water. When the machine works for long periods, it may experience this kind of problems. Although the problem is easy to detect, it may require professional work to replace it. In some cases, a fixing of the water pump is needed because a bad seal can lead to water leaking.

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